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    In the mid 19th Century, Jose and Eusebio, cousins and offsprings of immigrants from Canary Island owned a small cigar factory with about 12 employees on Macías Street of Santiago de Las Vegas, a province of Havana. Their cigars were made from the leaves cultivated in two small tobacco plantations of their own inherited from their parents located 25 kilometers apart from each other. One was located in the town of Santiago de Las Vegas like their factory. The other was in Tapaste, a village in San José de Las Lajas, also a province of Havana.



    Catch is Sweden's first portion snus with a non-traditional snus flavor. Today, the product range also offers Catch Licorice, Catch Eucalyptus and Catch Spearmint.



    Ettan and The Birth of Modern Snus

    The original recipe

    Ettan’s original recipe, with a rich blend of tobacco, salt and water, is a well-preserved secret from 1822. It was first developed and refined by Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf, then improved and packaged for the mass market by his son Knut Ljunglöf, while always maintaining the highest possible quality standards.

  • Fiedler & Lundgren AB

    Fiedler & Lundgren AB

    Lundgrens is manufactured by the company Fiedler and Lundgren. Fiedler and Lundgren is the second largest snus company in Sweden and in addition to this is also one of the oldest. In 1915 Fiedler & Lundgren, in opposition to the Swedish government of the day, moved their production to Denmark. 88 years later, in 2002, Fiedler & Lundgren moved back to Sweden and their roots. With strict self-imposed standards of product quality, it is no surprise that Fiedler and Lundgren have established itself as a front-runner in the Swedish Snus industry. Now Fiedler and Lundgren employ nearly one hundred workers and can manufacture 22 tonnes of snus in a single year.



    General has been manufactured since 1866 and is a dark snus, made from a blend of over 20 types of tobacco. The flavour is spicy with a touch of pepper and a hint of citrus, which originates from the careful seasoning that includes natural citrus oils. This year, General celebrates 150 years!



    GN Tobacco Sweden AB was founded in 2004, under the name SNUSAB AB. In 2007 a distribution agreement has been signed with US’s third-largest cigarette company – Liggett Vector Group, which has taken Swedish snus in its portfolio, Grand Prix and Tourney launched on the US market in 2008. In 2009 the name was changed to GN Tobacco AB.

    Our state of the art factory in Enköping manufactures chewing tobacco and snus in any format, loose, and all possible portion chewing tobacco and snus formats as white, wet, dry long, slims, mini, maxi and of course various nicotine levels. Production has been established in August 2014.

    Our second factory in Bispgården has been rebuiltin 2014 for tube production with capacity 150m filter tubes per month.

    Our brands  – Oden’s, Olde Ving, Lenny and Islay Whiskey chewing tobacco and snus gives the consumer a wide range of choices of both strength and flavour.

    One of GN Tobacco’s goals is to create freedom for consumers to choose tobacco products in a market that is otherwise characterized by ancient traditions and monopolistic thinking. GN Tobacco AB distributes chewing tobacco and snus in Sweden, Norway, Russia, US, Israel, South Africa, Switzerland, Norway, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia and South Korea!

    GN Tobacco Sweden AB, in cooperation with Gajane AB, manufactures and distributes tobacco products. The business concept is to contribute to an open, free and independent market. A market that is in constant change gives us the challenge and motivation to constantly have an attractive and appreciated product portfolio in terms of quality and pricing. With a trained and service-oriented sales organization deployed locally, we intend to maintain a quality service to our customers.




    Göteborgs Rapé has a mellow tobacco taste with distinct notes of lavender and juniper, along with hints of oak and citrus.



    GRANT White Snus high-quality non-tobacco nicotine pads.

    Experience the evolution in nicotine satisfaction.

    GRANT delivers a refreshing burst of flavor and nicotine in a clean, more discreet, smokeless way.

    The pouch comes with plant fiber flling and is tobacco free to avoid staining your teeth and bring dripping

    to a minimum. While the low amount of drip makes the release of nicotine and flavor extended to it’s limits.

    The product has a small white pouch with a long-lasting flavor and can be enjoyed for up to 45 minutes.



    Snus from Kaliber is a popular snus that has been manufactured by Swedish Match since 2011. Caliber has a close tobacco flavor with hints of both bergamot and other herbs and teas. The taste, combined with the price, makes the caliber the snuff that everyone knows today. Caliber is available as Original portion, White portion, White special, Original portion with extra tobacco flavor and White Salmiak.

    In 2016 also came Caliber +, both as white and original portion. Two varieties with slightly more stuffed pills than regular Caliber White and Portion.

  • KNOX


    Knox was launched in 2006 and is the second largest Snus brand from Skruf Snus AB. It offers great value for money without compromising on full body and aroma. Customers highly appreciate its traditional and robust tobacco flavor.

  • ODEN'S



    Oden’s is manufactured by GN Tobacco, which is Sweden’s biggest import -and distribution company dealing with tobacco products and accessories. Oden’s offer a wide range of everything from traditional Swedish snus to extremely strong snus with all kinds of delicious flavors. The snus from Oden’s is of high quality even though the prices are low – it might be one of the reasons why Oden’s is so popular both in Sweden and around the world…



    Offroad Snus is a value price brand produced by V2 Tobacco. Offroad offers a wide variety of both flavored and traditional snuses at bargain prices.



    Phantom is a brand by V2 Tobacco that does not compromise on flavor and aroma while still delivering great value for money. Carefully selected tobacco varieties and flavorings are used to produce Phantom Snus with traditional Snus aromas.



    Röda Lacket Loose has a tobacco flavor with a touch of dried fruits. Its consistency makes it easy to pinch the loose snus together to put under the lip.



    Siberia is a unique snus in many ways. The most noteworthy uniqueness is the extremely high level of nicotine. It is approximately 43 mg of nicotine per gram in the White Dry version. The nicotine strength is equivalent to five portions of normal strong (8 mg of nicotine per gram) snus. Another factor is the minty, spicy taste.



    Skruf snus is a Swedish snus brand that was launched in 2003. Skruf strives to make a modern high quality premium snus that appeals to the modern snus user. Skruf snus only uses ecologically grown tobacco and is available in several flavours and strengths.

  • Swedish Match

    Swedish Match

    Swedish Match AB is a Swedish company based in Stockholm that makes snus, moist snuff, and chewing tobacco



    The LAB was developed through a close collaboration between snus consumers, researchers and designers. The result became a series of snus with a natural taste of tobacco, with a new Non-Drip formula to prevent dripping and a long, narrow pouch sold under the Swedish Match Trademark Slim.



    V2 Tobacco – We love great snus at great prices
    V2 Tobacco produces many different types of snus, chewing tobacco, nasal snuff and tobacco bits.