SwedishSnusStudio is focused on delivery high quality Snus to you as quickly as possible. We provide freashest snus, fast order processing within 24h and a friendly & competent support team that has over 10 years of experience on sales of tobacco and snus in Europe.

It`s a shame that the EU does not allow snus to be sold but allows cigarettes to be sold. One product is much safer alternative while the other one is proven to cause cancer. The good news is, if you live in Europe you do have an options!

So no matter why you are using Snus...fun or pleasure, we would like to welcome you on our Site and in our Team.

Welcome with your order!



Swedish snus studio particular is to provide the best possible CUSTOMER SERVICE, PRICING and SELECTION of SNUS and other products to serve our Members and Guests. To guarantee you the ABSOLUTE FRESHEST SNUS POSSIBLE.


Thank you for your confidence in buying snus from us, we are worthy of your trust.