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Extra Strong

High nicotine snus is called by a variety of names: Strong, Extra Strong, Xtra Strong, Sterk, Ekstra Sterk, Stark, Extra Stark, Extreme, and Ultra Strong.

While regular strength snus contains around 8mg/portion nicotine, the high nicotine snuses have nicotine levels of 12-24 mg/portion.

High nicotine snus was originally designed for the Norwegian market where it remains hugely popular. With similar nicotine desires, American snus lovers also adopted the Strong and Extra Strong varieties very quickly. Today, even a growing number of Swedes are using high nicotine snus.

Your SnusCentral.com Snus Shop has an incredible varietly of all types of fresh Strong and Extra Strong snuses for you to choose from. Strap on your helmets and enjoy!

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